Friday, May 6, 2011

King of the fruits…..Its Mango time!

Yes! Its Mango time! Yaaaay! I sound over excited because I haven’t eaten an Indian mango in 4 years now. When you move out of India, you never think what all you will miss. Mango you will surely miss! We always learnt that the best mango from Maharashtra -The Alphonso or Haapus as we call it locally, is all exported. In Seattle I never got to eat it. I tried the tasteless Mexican mangoes which never had a “Mango scent”, remember how enchanting it is? I haven’t smelled that in 4 years!!! L I tasted a few mangoes from Whole foods that my friend once got for me, because I complained so much of not eating one for so long. They were a bit better than the Mexican ones, but nothing like a REAL Indian mango. The time when I got Mexican mangoes, my reaction was like “It’s NOT a MANGO!”; reminds me of the scene in the sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S  when Rachel get a furless cat, Joey keeps on yelling, “It’s NOT A cat!!”
Mangoes bring so many childhood memories. We waited till the end of annual exam and only then our parents would buy mangoes so we don’t fall ill during the final exams. Then a crate of mangoes (4 dozen) would finish in no time. Mango for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Mango all the time! By the end of the mango season we would have finished about 4 crates!
One of the best & simplest dishes of Mango are the “Aamras-poli” i.e. Mango puree and the Indian roti. YUMMMM!!! Heavenly! We wait a whole year to eat it again!

Beauty of Mangoes
Today I had my second mango of the season. Nom Nom Nom..Like a little kid, I am going to hog on so many mangoes this year. Happy Mango eating everyone!


  1. I always think about my childhood mango days at my grandparents'. Still remember the aroma and taste of sweet mangos i devoured :-)

    Wish u a very happy " MANGOFUL " season :-)

  2. Aaah! Grandparents..summer vacation..perfect! :)