Monday, May 30, 2011


I don’t know where to start from! It was a magical night! Music is the best thing in the world! And I’ve always thought how lucky are those, who can CREATE music! When we reached the place, the parking space was over-flowing with bikes and cars! And the crowd gave the old feeling from the air show – like the whole Indian population was right there at the moment…mostly all youngsters! Youngistan!!!

Remo rocking Humma Humma
As per Indian standards the 7pm show started around 7.35pm. The show started with each musician playing a piece of famous music piece & their introduction and the list of movies they worked on, were displayed in the background. Oh, this show was first of its kind with 3D projection and it was really good effect; I am not a fan of 3D after watching Avatar for 3 hours with a major headache & aching eye-brow bone! This was like one-on-one with AR J

Asian Violinist
The 3D projector had not yet started and people around us were getting angry already with “Paisa wapas karo” (give us our money back). All I hoped for patiently was for that damn projector to start! And in minutes before Rahman appeared on the stage the projector started and it was like everyone had seen their god! A collective loud cheer! Rahman made an entry with his first classic piece of film Roja!

Arziyaan and Khwaja Mere Khwaja

Subsequent songs played were Chikubuku Chikubuku raile, Rang de Basanti, Daud and Muqabala by Remo, Tanha Tanha, Rangeela, Masakali, Chanda suraj lakho tare of Nusrat Fateh Ali khan, Dil se, Taal western, Yuva – Khuda Hafis. Rahman then sat on his piano to play a piece Meherban from Ada. His sufi music display was just splendid with sitting down on the cushions and wearing the traditional muslim cap with green mosque images and urdu writing in the digital screen in the back ground; they sang Arziyaan and Khwaja mere Khwaja. No words to describe how amazing they were.
The latest classics like Songs from Guru, Ravaan, Jai Ho- Slumdog were just mesmerising! His troupe had non-indian musicians too. An asian violinist played amazing single pieces in between the show. An American looking singer sang the melodious ‘jaane kahan woh duniya haina’ from Jane tu ya Jane na, amazing fusion of Indian & western!

Sivamani is the best..very innovative in his music that he creates with just about anything. He created music with a big metal/wooden plank and 2 big bamboo sticks..just AMAZING!
Robot Song
The patriotic number from Swades, Yeh Jo des hai mera sung by Rahman spread silence around the crowd. Amazing piece that makes you emotional each time. Same goes for Lukka Chuppi from Rang De Basanti, which Rahman sang with a virtual Lata Mangeshkar makes my eyes wet every time; classic song of a mother and child and reminds you of your mother instantly! The seriousness on Rahman face is the proof of how deeply he is involved in his music.

The show ended with Remo singing his hit Humma Humma and then Rahman singing Rubaroo with a note to stop corruption.
The whole crowd sang loudly in unison for Vande Mataram and Rubaroo. It was the best show of my life; I loved singing along every song except for some of the unknown south Indian songs. How often do I get to sing out my heart loudly in the open! Great night that ended with fireworks!

Not to mention that the original singers like Hariharan, Sukhwinder Singh, Chitra, Lata Mageshkar, Asha Bhosale, Shreeya Ghoshal, SP Bala, etc were missed.

PS: Sorry for the bad quality of pictures, they are snaphots of the 3D screen.


  1. Wow..good post Shilps.. feel like attending Rehman concert right away..have attended one by Jagjit Singh..that was awesome too..Live cheejoka majahi kuch aur hota hai..

  2. Thanks Prajos!
    Rahman is one of a kind! And true, live music is just amazing. Next week there is Kailash Kher concert. Haven't still looked into it...planning to go to that too!