Monday, May 23, 2011

Women against women

I was just reading the news article on BBC news about female foetuses abortion. The news is really disappointing. As I read, the stories discuss how mother -in-laws in India force their daughter-in-laws to abort female foetus. Do you see the disgusting fact that a woman is asking another woman to kill an unborn woman! Wicked!
In past 2 decades, we have seen that Indian girls, women, excel academically and hence professionally. And still people are living the dream of having a son, grandson! Since past 3 weeks various public exam results have been coming out and every time there is an article saying girls are studying better than boys, bringing higher ranks! It’s not even news anymore to me! Every year girls are ahead of boys! And then when I read news like this, it is really depressing!
And I agree too that though dowry is a crime, it is practiced very commonly. I have been subjected to it myself. I am not sure which parts of India are very open to dowry, but I can announce Andhra Pradesh does. To mention my experience, I used to get marriage proposals from Andhra side and families would openly ask my father as to how much will he “give”. That is the exact word. My family was always firm on their decision of not falling for dowry asking families. Families in Andhra Pradesh openly ask and give dowry. For instance, one of the family who came to meet us, the would-be mother-in-law claimed she spent 40 tola gold (½ kg) for her daughter’s marriage and she would expect the same from the daughter-in-law coming to her family! We didn’t think even for a moment and we had our answer (Thank god - NO) to them!
Another incident was a marriage broker who met us and told us the RATE of US and UK based eligible bachelors. For an Indian boy in UK its 20 lakhs and for that in US boy would be 10 lakhs. Who do we want to opt for? Finding humor in the disgusting moment, I thought to myself how come UK boys are more expensive that US boys; cost wise US ticket and travel would be more expensive than UK, right? :P I really don’t know how they decide these rates, but pity these boys!
Don’t these cruel mother-in-laws realize that they are alive to see this world because their grandmother didn’t kill them before they were born? What is the obsession with a boy child! And I hope these crazy mother-in-laws will be willingly happy to see their grandsons forced to be gay like Farooq Abdullah said rightly!
There are few sane people like my mother in-law and my husband who can’t wait to have a daughter in their family!J

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  1. there is an old quote... the worst enemy of a woman is the woman herself...

    well change it a bit... I am sure you got the intended meaning...