Thursday, May 5, 2011

There will be no virgins waiting for Osama – Mariane Pearl

We all have known the dreadful episode of beheading of Daniel Pearl, a Wall Street journalist based in India. He was kidnapped and held hostage by Pakistani extremists in return to full fill their list of demands which included release of all Pakistani terror detainees and the release of a halted U.S. shipment of F-16 fighter jets to the Pakistani government. I remember keeping a close track of this whole episode on TV and in newspapers back then and the horrendous ending of the innocent journalist was just unbelievable! It was terrorism on global front, live to the whole world!
What kind of human would behead another? How brain-washed are these extremists to do such acts? And what will they achieve from these actions? I will never be able to comprehend the amount of pain, agony, frustration and anger that his wife Mariane Pearl must have gone through on the unfortunate day when he was killed and since then till now.
With so much of history of terrorism sponsored from Pakistan, why does the US or any country need any more innocence reports from the Pak govt? EVERYBODY in south Asia knows what goes on in Pakistan. It is an open fact that terrorism comes only from Pak. It starts and ends right there! Osama’s residence in Pak for last 5 yrs itself is the biggest proof. The US and all other countries are just wasting time exchanging words of proof & blah blah! It is time to take action. Do justice to all the innocent people killed in the name of terrorism! How many more innocent lives should be sacrificed to bring the murderers to their ultimate punishment? Like Mariane said in her letter, ‘Terrorism has nothing to do with anyone being a Muslim, a Jew, an Indian, an American or Buddhist or any other kind of label. It’s only about power.’
If I were in her place, I’d probably go insane & lose my mind or end up taking a drastic step. But she on the other hand has stood up so courageously. I salute her for her strength and wish no human should ever suffer like her. No one deserves to be treated like Daniel!
After this event, a movie called “A mighty heart” was adapted from the book she wrote and I didn’t fail to watch it. I hope Mariane Pearl gets some closure from the recent Osama event. It will never bring back her, what she lost but hopefully give her more strength and belief in the administrations fighting terrorism.
RIP Daniel!

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