Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama dead…again?

I was away for the weekend and Monday morning when I returned home the TV was flashing the breaking news of the century, “Osama is dead. US officials, US president…blah blah blah confirm!” As much as it must be the biggest news, that people have yearned for, I wasn’t at all surprised or happy!  My only reaction is “I am confused”.  About a year ago, I had come across a video on Youtube, an interview of Ex- Prime Minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. The video talks about her fight to return to Pakistan politics, the danger to her life and the BIG truth that she mentions in the interview – Osama being dead.
The interview ‘Frost over the World’, looks very authentic; Ms. Bhutto starts to answer a question at minute 5.33 about the people that could be a danger to her life; she talks of a key military figure of Pakistan and mentions that he was involved in the murder of Osama Bin Laden at minute 6.15. The important points are that she talks about Osama being dead like it’s a known fact; moreover the interviewer Sir David also doesn’t look startled or surprised with the declaration that Ms. Bhutto just did. And this Interview as per the video record is from Nov 2007! What does it mean then?
How many countries, how many governments, how many secret agencies are involved in keeping the truth or lie of Osama’s death? Ms. Bhutto was a great politician of Pakistan and many of her people wanted her back. Her assassination was a bad day in Pakistan’s political history. The politics of Pakistan is of course, out of my scope of knowledge. Politics is dirty just anywhere, no doubt. It just makes me think how much of a puppet we are made by our leaders, and that too at such a large scale..on international level!
There are so many questions that come to my mind; now if Osama was killed in Pakistan’s capital city shouldn’t the focus be on Pakistan for harboring such terrorist groups? Shouldn’t there be some strict actions against these countries that support & breed such terrorist groups who eventually take lives of the innocent; our politicians are never hurt! India is one of the countries that always get affected with such groups.
Secondly, is this another conspiracy just before Obama’s second tenure? I truly wouldn’t want to believe this because I, like all other people around the world had rejoiced his victory in 2008; I still want to believe he is a good leader with goals to benefit the common man! (Too hypothetical?)
Thirdly, is it a mere coincidence that the whole Arab world is collapsing at the same time? I wonder how the leaders of the world make benefit with these kind of news and conspiracies. What we see or learn is really not the total truth, we all know that. For now if people are happy and rejoicing the death of the greatest terrorist that lived, so be it. I am still not sure when he really died but I would just pray that there are no more terrorist groups and attacks around the world killing innocent people. And hope this news is for real.
Congratulations Mr. Obama and your country. At least the news brings peace and a feeling of justice to those families who lost their loved ones in 9/11 and the soldiers who died trying to get Osama.


  1. well mostly people are saying its a conspiracy for Obama's second term...

  2. Because it seems so obvious! Too many things happening at the right time! Very very suspicious ending. I so wanted to believe Obama is different than most leaders...too much to expect?