Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Baba Ramdev – Give me a break!

What is with this man? Really! Baba Ramdev got famous with his Yoga and miracles of Yoga that can cure apparently any disease, including homosexuality! Pffff!!! I can relate the word Yoga only to one person in this world and that is Guruji Yogacharya BKS Iyengar. He is the pioneer of spreading Yoga to the whole world. And he performed Yoga just for the real cause of teaching it and spreading health benefits from Yoga.
But Baba Ramdev has commercialized the whole concept of Yoga. He has a range of medicines for whatever diseases he thinks he cures. I remember recently my mother was consuming Baba Ramdev’s Chyawanprash (Ayurvedic health tonic) for good resistance and soon she complained that she had lost sense of taste in her mouth. Of course my reaction was “You believe his medicine? God!”
Now he is part of political movements. To me he just looks like he is hungry for attention and wants publicity. He started as person to teach Yoga, why not stick to it than venture into all other fields when you have no knowledge or experience of them. Why do people really follow these Babas? I think the profession of Baba should be banned! It would save so much of money being wasted into fake trusts and could be utilized for better cause of society! Of all the Baba’s, Ramdev is somehow the most annoying one I have come across in my times!


  1. I agree with you. B K S Iyengar is the pioneer and the true Yoga guru of India. You should read articles by him to understand what Yoga truly is. Baba Ramdev and such quacks are only here to exploit innocent (ignorant?) people.
    And what was that about homesexuality being a disease!!!

  2. good point... well some people swear by his name... the thing is people need a leader... in him and his yoga they found one... and followed... suddenly he has power... and as we know... power corrupts :-)

  3. @ Frency: I know, this is what happens when you think Yoga has given you the ultimate medical science knowledge. I laughed so hard when I heard his logic of Yoga curing homosexuality! BASICS MEIN RADA!!!! LOL

  4. @Seeker of Equanimity: Thats why I said, stick to your Yoga room! ;) I am sure BKS goes ppfffff!!! when he sees Ramu!

  5. Baba Ramdev has done the best thing ever to speak about the corrupt politicians and their corrupt policies to to fool indian public. Before Baba, this message never reached out to such a huge section of our nations population. He done a good job, atleast even a layman now understands the mechanism behind black money of these politicians sitting in foreign accounts. People understood better by the way Baba explained these issues. The results are in front of us - elections 2014.